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Projection of Emotions



Emotions are a unique property. Unlike many other species, the human undergoes a large variety of emotional phases over the course of its life. These emotions rule many of our behavioural and decision making processes, that in result determine how we spend our time on this planet.


Our dome concept revolves around the emotional state that each of us experienced individually, and thus as a whole, during the past months. Covid-19 has catapulted us into a peculiar and unexpected time in space. A time in which we had to confront our true nature. 


This project provides the grounds for an emotional voyage. Bringing together our individual feelings during these trying times, we will communicate an audio-visual show in which we will capture a very particular atmosphere. With the help of geometry, movement, light, and sound we will communicate an underlying feeling, a sense of unease. 

Amongst the sensation of tranquility and stillness lies apprehension. Normally caught in the shadows of our busy day-to-day lives, we each found ourselves confronted with an uncertainty. Something we believe many can relate to. 

As to avoid distraction and enhance the emotional journey, the style will remain minimalistic; leaving viewers to their own interpretation. 

This project will explore our connectivity to the world and oneself.

This project is proper for Dome Projection.



Francesca Villa,

Yasemin Okday

& Camilla Brenn

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